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Certainly! XB2BX Social media is a vast landscape with its own set of terms and jargon. Here's a list of common social media terms

1. **Post: ** A piece of content shared on a social media platform by a user or organization.

2. **Feed: ** The continuous stream of posts and updates from people and pages you follow on a social media platform.

3. **Followers: ** People who have subscribed to a user's or organization's updates on a social media platform.

4. **Likes (or Favourites): ** Positive reactions from users to a post, indicate they appreciate or agree with the content.

5. **Comments: ** Responses or reactions to a post made by other users.

6. **Shares (or Retweets/Reposts): ** Reposting another user's content to your own profile, making it visible to your followers.

7. **Hashtag (#): ** A word or phrase preceded by the pound sign (#), used to categorize and discover content related to a specific topic or theme.

8. **Mention (@): ** Using the at symbol (@) followed by a username to tag and notify a specific user in a post or comment.

9. **Algorithm: ** The set of rules and calculations used by social media platforms to determine the content users see based on their behaviour and preferences. 

10. **Engagement: ** Measures how users interact with a post, including likes, comments, shares, and clicks.

11. **Bio: ** A brief description about a user or organization displayed on their profile, usually including personal or professional information.

12. **Profile Picture (or Avatar): ** A small image that represents a user or organization on their profile.

13. **Story: ** A short-lived piece of content (images, videos, text) that disappears after a set period, usually 24 hours.

14. **Live Streaming: ** Broadcasting real-time video content to an audience on a social media platform.

15. **Influencer: ** A user who has a significant following and influence over their audience's opinions and behaviours.

16. **DM (Direct Message): * Private messages exchanged between users on a social media platform.

17. **Trending: ** Topics or hashtags that are currently popular or widely discussed on a social media platform.

18. **Analytics: ** Data and metrics related to a user's or organization's social media performance, such as reach, engagement, and demographics.

19. **Geotagging: ** Adding a location to a post to indicate where it was created or shared.

20. **Community Guidelines: ** Rules and standards are set by social media platforms to maintain a safe and respectful online environment.

Understanding these terms is essential for effectively navigating and engaging with social media platforms.