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Money back policy

"Money back policy" and is related to XB2BX. To provide detailed information about XB2BX's money-back policy, here is an outline based on common elements typically included in such policies. If you need specific policy details please contact to have more information about a specific case.

### XB2BX's Money-Back Policy Overview

#### 1. **Trade Assurance agreement**

XB2BX offers a Trade Assurance agreement designed to protect buyers by ensuring that their money is safe and transactions are secure. Key features include:

- **Payment Protection: ** If the supplier does not meet the shipping time or product quality requirements specified in the contract, XB2BX will refund the buyer's payment after due diligence made under the proof assistance.

- **Order Protection: ** Ensures that the buyer’s order is shipped on time and meets the quality standards agreed upon.

#### 2. **Refund Process** - **Eligibility for Refund: ** Refunds are typically available for orders where the products are not delivered on time, do not meet the quality standards, or differ significantly from the product description.

- **Filing a Dispute: ** Buyers can file a dispute through XB2BX's platform if there is an issue with the order. This usually needs to be done within a specified period after delivery (please check the seller’s terms and conditions).

- **Verification and Resolution: ** XB2BX will review the dispute, verify the claim with evidence provided by both the buyer and the supplier, and determine the resolution if it’s necessary we will ask an external professional for a peace of mind resolution.

- **Refund Issuance: ** If the claim is approved, XB2BX will process the refund to the buyer’s original payment method.

#### 3. **Exclusions and Limitations** - **Custom Orders: ** Custom or made-to-order items may have different terms and may not be eligible for a refund under the standard policy.

- **Used or Damaged Items: ** Refunds are generally not provided for items that have been used or damaged after receipt unless the damage occurred during shipping.

#### 4. **Return Policy** - **Return Authorization: ** Buyers might need to obtain a return authorization before sending back any products.

- **Return Shipping Costs: ** The cost of return shipping may be the buyer's responsibility unless otherwise specified.

### Steps to Access XB2BX’s Official Money-Back Policy

1. **Visit XB2BX’s Website: ** Go to [] (

2. **Navigate to the Help Center:** Look for the Help Center or Customer Service section, usually found at the bottom of the homepage.

3. **Search for Trade Assurance: ** Use the search bar to find detailed information about the Trade Assurance program and refund policies.

4. **Review Policy Documents: ** Read through the official documents and FAQs related to Trade Assurance and money-back guarantees.

For the most accurate and detailed information, it's always best to refer directly to XB2BX's official resources or customer service representatives.