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Get examples of the past companies created to supply services online and look to the future.

You can guarantee a low-cost share and make millions with the company's growth; this is a long-term investment but very profitable if you believe now. 

How you can start investing is very simple.

One time you decide to invest in our marketplace, you can contact or and ask for the available quote. We have 1000 000 One Million quotes available, and the minimum investment is £15K for a quote (share) at 0.001% of 100% of the total shares on this investment, and the total amount will be £15 000 000 (Fifteen Million Pounds) for the whole project. 

The marketplace is working to be one of the most profitable wholesale services platforms in the global online market.

The investment will be with a minimum of 5 to 7 years, and once the marketplace arrives 1.5Million of Pounds, the platform will start to be quoted in the London stock. The shares sold now will be converted into accurate and profitable royalties conveted in a recognized and exchangeble asset, with multiple steps with a secure and advantageous investment for investors and new partners.


The sample for your minimum investment will be 12 months:


£15 000 00

3% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 0.001%

£30 000 00

3% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 0.002%

£60 000 00

3% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 0.004%

£150 000 00

4% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 1%

£200 000 00

4% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 1,3%

£500 000 00

4% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 3,3%

£1000 000 00

5% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 6,67%

£2000 000 00

5% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 14,999%

£3000 000 00

5% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 20%

£4000 000 00

6% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 26,67%

£5000 000 00

6% monthly

   12 months


SHARE = 33%

£7000 000 00

7% monthly

   12 months

 £ 15,765,341.1

SHARE = 46%


Your fund will be guaranteed an insurance policy on a shareholder agreement contract with UKGB Limited, and the rate payment will be started 12 months after your investment with a 100% guarantee; contact the UKGB Team to ask about the incredible project and understand how secure this project is.

  1)    Investing in the marketplace platform can be an attractive opportunity, given the potential for scalability, network effects, and continual revenue generation. These investment opportunities can be a unique possibility to change your lifestyle forever. Come and see how you can do it or consider within this domain:

2)    XB2BX Platform Development: Investing in this new development and enhancement of the marketplace platform itself is crucial for its success if you are looking to integrate your ideas and your future into one technology capable of returning you to an accurate and lucrative experience of life. This includes improving user experience, adding new features and functionalities, optimising performance, and ensuring scalability to accommodate growth.

3)    Technology Infrastructure: You not only Invest in robust technology infrastructure, including servers, databases, security protocols, and payment gateways, but you will also be part of one essential day-by-day platform, ensuring the reliability, security, and performance of the marketplace platform in one space. This Scalable infrastructure will be an essential option for companies to handle increasing user choices and help new companies find direct sellers with transaction volume abilities.

4)    User Acquisition and Onboarding**: Investing in user acquisition strategies to attract buyers and sellers to the marketplace is essential for building a critical mass of users. This may involve digital marketing campaigns, partnerships, referral programs, and incentivised promotions to encourage user sign-ups and engagement.

5)    Trust and Safety Measures to Care for Your Investment: XB2BX Building trust and ensuring safety within our marketplace platform is paramount for attracting and retaining users. We are Investing in identity verification, user reviews and ratings, dispute resolution mechanisms, and fraud detection systems that can help our platform create a secure and trustworthy transaction environment.

6)    XB2BX Market Expansion: XB2BX invests in market expansion initiatives to enter new geographic regions and target new industry verticals to unlock additional growth opportunities in the marketplace platform. This will involve localisation efforts, adapting the platform to suit local preferences and regulations, and forming strategic partnerships with local stakeholders in constant growth.

7)    Data Analytics and Insights: XB2BX invests in data analytics tools and expertise to provide valuable insights into user behaviour, market trends, and performance metrics. Leveraging data-driven decision-making to optimise the XB2BX marketplace platform to identify growth opportunities and enhance user satisfaction.

8)    Monetisation Strategies: XB2BX is Investing in monetisation strategies to generate revenue from the marketplace platform, building essential long-term sustainability, including transaction fees, subscription plans, premium features, advertising, sponsored listings, and partnerships with third-party service providers.

9)    Customer Support and Engagement: XB2BX invests in customer support infrastructure and resources to provide timely assistance and resolve user issues on the marketplace platform. Additionally, investing in initiatives to engage and retain users, such as personalised recommendations, loyalty programs, and community-building efforts, can contribute to long-term success.

10) UKGB Limited recommend this investment opportunity not just because it is a very well-made marketplace platform with very competitive software. Still, assessing factors such as market potential, competitive landscape, scalability, regulatory considerations, and the founding team's track record is vital. UKGB Limited team Conducts thorough due diligence and seeks guidance from experienced investors or advisors to mitigate risks and maximise returns on investment.


11) Investors interested can Create an Account: - Visit the website and sign up for an account. You must provide personal information and agree to the platform's terms and conditions.

12) Verify Your Identity: - Complete any required identity verification steps. This is a standard procedure to comply with regulatory requirements.

13) Explore Investment Opportunities: - Once your account is set up and verified, browse the available investment opportunities on the XB2BX platform and click Invest with us. UKGB Limited is a company that will send you the entire procedure for how you can start funding and will present its business plan, financials, and other relevant information to be sure that this is the best move for you to make.

14) Due Diligence: - After we send you the complete documents, you can Conduct due diligence on the XB2BX /UKGB companies you're interested in before investing. Review our business models, financial health, leadership team, and other relevant factors.

15) Investment Decision: - If you find a project that aligns with your investment goals, you can commit funds to the investment. Pay attention to the minimum investment amount specified for each opportunity.

16) Complete the Investment Process: Follow the UKGB procedures to complete the investment process. This may involve signing legal documents and providing the necessary information.

17) Payment: - Make the investment payment through the UKGB Limited platform. UKGB typically operates an all-in-one funding model, with an unconditional investment successful.

18) Confirmation and Updates: - After investing, you should receive confirmation and updates about the project through the UKGB Limited platform. Stay informed about the progress of the start-up.

19) Monitor Your Investments: - Regularly check the project with the UKGB Limited team and the performance of your investments.

20) Exit Strategy:  - Understand the potential exit options for your investments. This might include the company going public, getting acquired, or providing buyback options to investors.

21) Please note that procedures and regulations may change from time to time, so it's essential to contact the UKGB Limited team or visit our website and review their latest guidelines and information. Additionally, consider seeking advice from financial professionals before making investment decisions.